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Tips to reduce the cost of iPhone 8

There are tips abounding on the web on how to lower your cost for the new Iphone 8.
Here are few ideas with links that also support this blog please consider using them.
Apple has an awesome trade-in program up to 425 USD for a 7Plus
Target also offers up to 200 USD if your trade in is eligible.
Tmobile a favorite of mine because of the free Netflix offer and free Apple Care and one share of the stock will spread a 300 credit over there EIP with trade in that are eligible.
Verizon has trade in programs as well as Sprint.
AT&T offers up to 300 dollars with a trade in too.
Sams Club has even gotten into the act.

There is no reason to pay full price for the newest tech when it comes to Iphones plus Apples recycling program is friendly to the environment.

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