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Connecting with America and saving money too

This is for all of my American expatriates.
Stay connected with business , Family and friends in the USA for a fraction of the cost.
Unlimited calling to all numbers including toll free plus unlimited text and SMS pictures.
Full features such as 3 way calling, caller screening, voice mail and a call me now widget that can be placed on your blog or website.
So here is the situation, you want a local number for your new country but want to keep your number that everyone in America has but instead of paying 30 to 200 dollars for a line just to stay in touch plus a local cellular just to keep your cherished number use Line2. 👈🏾here is the link.
Download it from the App Store and its 9.99 a month but if you switch to direct billing with the company you can transfer (port) your number from your American cellular company or they will let you choose a area code and number with standard ITunes billing.
 This service works on iPhones and iPads and is compatible with Bluetooth headphones.
When and if you choose to return to America just transfer your number to the carrier of your choice.
If you opt for a direct annual plan you will get the 12 month plan with a 2 month discount.
You can also do a month to month direct billing with an ability to port your number too.
If you need help setting this up contact me and pass this on to someone who would value this service.

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