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Life in Mexico as a cord cutter

TO GET THE FULL BENEFIT OF THIS SITE CLICK ON "VIEW WEB VERSION" AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS SITE IF YOU HAVE REACHED THE MOBILE VERSION OF MY PAGE. I love my little town but I hate the fact that I'm geolocked when it comes to entertainment and watching certain sporting events. There are ways around the "I'm sorry this content can't be views outside of the U.S./Canada" I use a A private network to confound the "streaming oppressors" but the solutions are not all the same and through trial and error I'm happy with current choice which has awesome tech support I'm now enjoying ESPN/HBO/Hulu and more. There is also another option which I've used for years is the Slingbox. Slingbox is so awesome BUT you need to install it in a country like USA or Canada. It also needs to be connected to a cable providers box. There are other solutions for streaming that I know you'll Love to be covered in depth in future posts especially my favorite VPN. Here is a link for Slingbox along with user reviews and possible discounts too.

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