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Goodies galore this Tuesday

 There will be a bevy of new Things being introduced in the Steve Jobs auditorium this Tuesday September 12 by Apple.
There will be set tops
New watches
Home speaker systems
Software for Macs, IOS devices, Apple TV, and watches.
AnAND off course new IPhones. 3 models to be exact.
There should be a lot fanfare for the state of the art Steve Jobs center and if you fancy architecture you will love the designs.
T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and all the cellular companies will have a wonderful holiday season.
If you would like free buying advice from me, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I absolutely Love helping and have had months of experience using the new IOS operating systems on my IPad and just loaded onto my IPhone and will have it installed on my Mac tonight all of these upgrades in software are betas and I help Appme with bug reports.
So far everything is smooth. I had one glitch using my iPhone to control my  Apple TV.

Be sure to back up all your software in anticipation of all the upcoming software changes and sadly support for older iPhones and Ipad Weill no longer exist. Software and newer apps will not work and you may not be able to upgrade past 10.3.3 or beyond Yosemite on your Macs.
Reach out to me if you are concerned

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