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Pre register and free Netflix

Hi, what a day at Apple last Tuesday. A great lineup of new items with some breakthroughs in technology, augmented reality and new software will be huge and "photographers lighting" will be an awesome tool.
I believe Tmobile is poised to be the major iphone carrier.
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Here is why Unlimited streaming and FREE Netflix on with a T-Mobile One plan (9.99 value) unlimited music streaming with Apple music.http://bit.ly/3monthfreetrial I love Apple Music if you have not tried click on this link to start a 3-month free trial.
For all my Airline friends, free data roaming while overseas and that's huge especially with the new cellular Apple watch that was introduced.

Supplies will be limited so I would suggest that you pre register ASAP for the Iphone 8 and Iphone X
Plus for new customers get one free share of stock with Tmobile.
Blazing fast network, simple billing, great phones, and a robust network will make the new Iphone a Thriller.
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  1. Reggie, what kind of T Mobile plan do you have? Currently I use AT&T because of their US and Mexico plan since I travel back and forth.