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To wait or not to wait?

We are almost at that point in the year.
Iphone 8 rumors are flying around everywhere.
I will be one of the faithful "Iphone sheep" waiting for the tenth anniversary phone.
some will not and will be looking for a quality Iphone 6 or 7 from a well rated reseller or wait on a Family members hand me downs.
My Wife and I are polar opposites on Iphones I cant wait and she always inhertis my 1 cycle old phone which i take excellent care of.
She is not an early adopter.

Here are some offerings from sellers.
I have often sold my older IOS devices to Gazelle.com and made a pretty penny by locking in myprice PRIOR to any big Apple unveiling because if you wait the price of your device loses value.

There is a price point for everyone.normally I never recommend a 16 GB Iphone but if you are a purist and not a big app hog like me and are cost conscience this is your iphone Apple iPhone 6 16GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Smartphone, Gold (Certified Refurbished)

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