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I have got a lot on my mind

Lots of stuff going on with me and this blog.
I am happy to post a contact me widget to the right of the blog.
I'm grateful that that blogger converts my pages to a mobile version but I believe it's best rendered when you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link VIEW WEB VERSION

Okay, so let's start diving into it. when I lived in the United States I used a device called Slingbox M1 that I bought online from Amazon and I loved it because I traveled overseas extensively for almost two decades and it allowed me to watch The Rockets and Texan games no matter where I was because of the sling app in the Apple Itunes store.
now I live in Mexico and do not have a TV set or cable provider to connect my Slingbox, bummer.
But I found a great free service that connects all my devices to an American IP address or you could choose Canada or many other countries. and its less than 50 USD a year for unlimited devices.
they give a 7-day trial and no credit card is needed and they have AWESOME support. Try them HERE now. I'm sure you will be pleased I am proud to be a client and part of their network and if you need me to help install the service on your router or other devices don't hesitate to reach out to me for my affordable services.

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