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IPad might be all that’s needed.

A near perfect device?

One device to replace them all is the argument I will make for the right person.
You may need accessories or an IPad mini
I am looking at the advances IOS 11 will provide to newer IPads.
It will be possible to use an IPad as your phone with the help of an app called Line2
Transfer your mobile number to Line2 at no cost with a direct billing (ask me about that) of 9.99 a month unlimited US calling and texting.
Use Skype for a Mexico calling plan option.
Use FaceTime and message activation using an approved email vs. a phone number.
ITunes, TuneIn and Pandora will provide your music and because you can stream all the music you want via Apple Music for a reasonable price there is no need to carry a separate MP3 player.
Use HMA for a VPN solution that allows you to access TV from Canada, Europe or America without being Geo blocked. No need for a full computer with Splashtop streamer or the upcoming IOS 11 operating system this fall.
Do all of your reading on IPad via Kindle especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber which includes Amazon Music and Amazon Prime videos and there is an awesome selection of magazines to read as part of your Amazon Prime membership.

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